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Thoracic Surgeon Doctors

Acupuncturist Addiction Specialist Allergy Specialist Anaesthetist Audiologist / Speech Therapist Breast Surgeon Cardiac Surgeon Cardiologist / Heart Specialist Cardiothoracic Surgeon Chiropratic Physician Cosmetic Surgeon Dentist Dermatologist / Skin Specialist Diabetologist ENT Surgeon Endocrinologist Fertility Specialist Gastroenterologist General Physician General Surgeon Geriatrician Gynecologist / Obstetrics Hematologist Hepatologist Herbalist Homeopathy ICU Specialist Infectious Disease Specialist Internal Medicine Laparoscopic Surgeon Maxillofacial Surgeon Medical Specialist Medicine Specialty FCP Medicine Neonatologist Nephrologist / Kidney Specialist Neuro Surgeon Neurologist / Neuro Physician Nutritionist / Dieticion Oncologist / Cancer Spcialist Opthalmologist / Eye Specialist Optometrist Orthodontist Orthopaedic Surgeon / Bone & Joint Orthotist Paediatric Surgeon / Child Surgeon Paediatrician / Child Specialist Pain Management Specialist Pathologist Physiotherapist Plastic Surgeon Psychiatrist Psychologist Pulmonologist / Chest Specialist Radiologist Rheumatologist Sexologist Sonologist Sports Injury Rehabilitator Thoracic Surgeon Urologist Vascular Surgeon cardiopulmonary rehabilitation chest physiotherapy clinical psychologist consultant urological surgeon cosmetic plastic surgeon cupping hijama therapy dental surgeon dermatology diabetes ent specialist expert sexologist family physician fitness trainer general physician /nephrologist haemoncologist homoeopath liver transplant physician musculoskeletal physiotherapist nephrology oncologist oral and maxillofacial surgery + cosmetic dentistry orthopedics / spine paediatric cardiologist paediatric surgery pead & adult cardiac surgeon pediadtric hematologist pediatric infectious diseases skin & laser specialist speciality speech and language pathologist speech therapist surgical oncologist / cancer specialist trauma surgeon
Dr. ali raza khan

(Thoracic Surgeon)

MBBS, Diplomate American Board of Thoracic Surgery, Diplomate Americal Board of Surgery

Dr. humanyun sarwat

(Thoracic Surgeon)

(Chest) Surgeon : FCPS, MBBS

Dr. humayoon sarwat

(Thoracic Surgeon)

MBBS, FCPS (Thoracic Surg) Assistant Professor (DUHS)

Dr. humayun sarwat

(Thoracic Surgeon)

(Chest) Surgeon MBBS, FCPS (Thoracic Surg) Assistant Professor (DUHS)

Dr. muhammad shoaib nabi

(Thoracic Surgeon)

MBBS - Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. niaz hussain soomro

(Thoracic Surgeon)

MBBS, FCPS, Master in M.I Thoracic Surg(USA)

Dr. sharif ullah jan

(Thoracic Surgeon)

MBBS, FCPS - Thoracic Surgeon

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