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Oral Health and Pregnancy

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Oral Health And Pregnancy



                Poor dental health has been linked to premature birth and low birth weight in babies.

The best advice to women considering pregnancy is to visit their dentist for a check-up and to treat any oral problems before becoming pregnant. Keeping your mouth healthy before and during pregnancy will improve your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Scheduling an appointment with a dentist :

             If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant,tell your dentist during visit .It is best to schedule your dental visit during the fourth to sixth month of your pregnancy.This is because the first  three months of pregnancy are thought to be of  greatest importance in your child’s development.During the last trimester,stresses associated with dental visits can increase the incidence of prenatal complications. If X-rays are needed to treat a dental emergency, you will be covered with lead apron.

To help minimize any risk during pregnancy, here is some general advice and some common conditions to be on the lookout for:

               Pregnancy gingivitis occurs more frequently during pregnancy because the  increased level of hormones exaggerates the the way gums react to the irritants in plaque.Keep your teeth clean ,especially near the gum line by:

  • Regular tooth brushing twice daily .
  • Flossing.
  • Eating a balanced diet.

               For some women,MORNING SICKNESS is a major symptom of pregnancy.Along with nausea comes additional acid that,left in your mouth,can erode you teeth.You can lower the acid level in your mouth by:

  • Rinsing with a solution of 1teaspoon of  baking soda dissolved in one cup of water.

Pregnancy Dry Mouth:

                   Dry mouth can put women at greater risk  for problem such as tooth decay and infection. It can be soothed by:

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Chew sugarless gum to enhance production of saliva.



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