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Press Release

Press Release

Press Release

The market for the growing use of mobile apps and conveniently designed websites to cater to our daily requirements has been consistently dominated by international designers and innovators. Only recently have we seen a few emerging websites and apps like zameen.com , rozee.pk and so on and so forth from Pakistan, taking over their respective sectors not just on the internet but they have also stood unparallel when compared to companies working off the internet. Similarly, MyElaaj.com is a budding platform for the patients to inquire not just about their symptoms and preferential diagnosis but also doctors available in their vicinity and preferred specialties. Furthermore, it gives the user access to an array of doctors ranging from varied specialties, their off and on clinic times and their appointment contacts so the user doesn’t have to exhaust himself in a futile search. If this wasn’t enough to relieve the user of its 'find a doctor/hospital concerns’ MyElaaj.com holds another special feature that is unparallel by any other website operating in Pakistan:

It has an ‘ASK A DOCTOR’ feature where by the users can submit their query and be linked to a verified doctor, tell the doctor his symptoms and receive not just a preferential diagnosis but also advice as to who can look further into his concern. MyElaaj.com also takes care of its user after he has been to a doctor. Patient Care Department is available online 24/7 to help the patients online. Our Doctors provide online Skype sessions if the patient is unable to approach any nearby doctor, but emergencies are not dealt with. A patient who cannot use computer/ internet can contact at 03 11 11 35225 to get assistance.

It has officially collaborated with THE CHUGHTAI LABORATORY to bring its users 'AT HOME BLOOD SAMPLE COLLECTION' for all sorts of laboratory testing. Bringing about a revolution in the health sector, MyElaaj.com hopes to bridge the gap between the patient and the doctor for better treatment. It also has collaborated with SEHAT.COM.PK (official medicine partner) to bring about delivery of medicines across Pakistan at minimal costs with maximum assurance of the quality of the medicines being delivered.                       

Furthermore ‘GOOGLE INTEGRATED CLINIC MAPS’ are available to trace hospitals. The 'PATIENT CLOUD' feature gives the option to store the patient’s data, medical history and symptoms e.t.c, maintaining their record anywhere anytime. Our Patient Care Department will manage all the patient profile.

The website itself is a highly informative channel, updating regular exclusive medical blogs and videos.

Easy to use, useful features such as Health and Disease and pregnancy calculators are available.

MyElaaj.com, is an online portal, relentlessly working not only to simplify healthcare facilities for patients, but also be a source awareness and guidance so be sure to visit the websites official page.

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